Let’s Take Your Business To The Next Level

Our proven three step methodology takes your Construction Company to the next level.

Clean-Up and Procedures

If you want to increase your profits and cash flow, we need to first set your foundations. Here we clean up your processes and procedures. If needed, we implement new processes to ensure you are getting the best data possible.


Performance and Reports

Now that we have your foundations in place, we can provide you with information rich data and reports. We provide you with up-to-date and comprehensive reports, giving you clarity on the performance of your business.


Advisory and Growth

It’s time to take your business to the next level! With your foundations and reporting set, we can now advise you on what is needed to increase your company’s profits and performance. We manage everything and give you specific action steps to stay on track and help your business grow.

Additional Services

If needed, we can add these additional services to meet your needs:


Need help making a budget for your business? We can sit down and help you create a budget or review your existing budget. We review your financial data each month and provide reports that will let you know if you are staying within budget.


Need help paying your employees and payroll taxes? We offer full-service payroll so you don’t have to worry about paying your employees or making tax payments. We take care of all of it including quarterly tax filings and issuing year-end W-2.

QuickBooks Online Training and Support

Need some training in QuickBooks Online? We offer individual or group training to go over basic functionality, system processes and correct workflow. We also offer support should you have questions along the way.

CPA Services

Need help with filing taxes or advice from a CPA? We partner with CPA’s so you are in good hands.

Why it works

Our three step methodology works because it takes a holistic approach to your business. Since we focus on helping Construction Companies, we know the ins and outs of what is needed to strengthen your business. We have seen the bumps that come up along the way and are ready to get your business over them and to the next level.

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"I have been working with Cindy for many years.  She is very knowledgeable and always willing to suggest new ideas or bookkeeping practices. I highly recommend her for your bookkeeping needs."
Christine Wade
Proud Corporation Services
"Cindy really went above and beyond when helping me clean up my QuickBooks. My books were a hot mess, with lots of issues and she did it all for a very reasonable price! Not only is she a certified QuickBooks expert with over thirty years of experience, she is also very kind and patient. I am so grateful to have found her and highly recommend Quality Bookkeeping 4 Less! You will be glad you did!"
Elizabeth W.
Blue Finite Construction
"If you are looking for a dependable and experienced bookkeeper, then look no further than Quality Bookkeeping 4 Less. Cindy has helped my business grow by streamlining my processes and advising me so that I can make critical business decisions."
Tom Gardner
Gardner Consulting